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Fat and How it affects your Body Clock

Posted Jun 02 2008 5:03pm 2 Comments

Some groundbreaking research has just come to surface regarding the eating of fat and how it Day 273: Say Whaaaat?affects your body clock, I do know myself that not getting enough sleep can have an effect on your appetite and how much food you eat overall.

The Research

The findings down this study found that if a high fat diet is consumed it can interfere with your normal eating and sleeping habits also, the study was conducted at Northwestern University .

One of the researchers was quoted as saying that it can be a “matter of days before the effect starts to happen ” said lead researcher Joe Bass.

The study was done on two sets of lab rats which were kept in total darkness throughout the test phase of the study, this was to ensure that the rats internal clock didn’t know what time it was, so they would be unsure as when to eat.

The first set of rats was kept on a normal healthy diet while the second set was given a high fat diet in order to see what actual differences there would be.

What tends to happen is the body’s internal clock which is called the circadian clock, this tends to regulate when we eat sleep and become awake, other studies have shown that when this pattern is disrupted through lack of sleep etc this can in itself cause obesity and diabetes as well.

What they found from the study was that the mice that were eating the high fat diet, start to eat at the wrong times and the rest also at inappropriate times this started to happen over a period of two weeks.


One of the researchers was quoted as saying that, if you give a predominantly high-fat diet to a mouse they will tend to eat more food overtime.

This to me does explain quite a few things actually this about how eating fat can tend to make you feel more hungry, also as well as this fat is known to have addictive qualities.

Which affect the neurotransmitters in your brain similar to how drugs work so this does explain how easily it is to become addicted to a high fat diet very easily.

However though you do need some fat in your diet otherwise this can lead to depression but it all needs to be in moderation. This is a very interesting concept indeed about fat something that I have never come across before.


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I know that getting a good night's sleep is one of my biggest challenges.
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