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"Fat" a derogatory term?

Posted by Kristen D.

I was reading an article recently about how one could reverse the effects of the "fat gene."

For some reason, I found myself a little hesitant to post something about the article because of its use of the word "fat." I¹m a word person-I like to say things as clearly as possible in a way that people will understand and appreciate. Perhaps it¹s for that reason that I bothered by the use of
that word.

I was once very overweight, and I am still slightly overweight. And while I¹ve admittedly used the word in the past when looking at myself in the mirror in the privacy of my own home, I would never use the word "fat" when referring to someone who is overweight or obese, either to the person or to someone else I¹m talking to. It just seems wrong.

And reading it now, maybe I should give myself a little more credit for how far I¹ve come.

Your thoughts?

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I have to think of fat as something I have not what I am.  I believe that it can be used in a derogatory way but it may not always be intended that way.
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