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Fast thin waist movement great recommendation

Posted Oct 16 2013 12:35am
Speaking of perfect body , slim compact waistline is definitely not small , after all, it is the center of the S-curve , but women do . Do you know the ideal waistline standard is? Do you want to know how to quickly thin waist do ? These two issues , in the next content you can find the answer, but suggest that you once decided , we must stick to it , oh.
Sexy waistline is no doubt that all women want to have , watching the perfect size S S curve , I believe that people do not envy it ? Then your waistline slim range you belong to ? How to make your own perfect curve also has a charming it ? Thin waist but without regular exercise , oh, if you want to quickly thin waist , it is indispensable sport !

An ideal waistline standard

Many people lose weight on the existence of blind passion , therefore , first of all should be aware of their compliance with the ideal waistline waist women as equal to or slightly above waist height minus 100 , it is a normal and fit waistline. For example , height 165 cm girl , waist circumference should be 65 cm . Female skeleton in our country the size of the standard, then , you should use a measuring tape around the wrist is maximum one week , measure the size of the wrist bones ( wrist circumference ) can calculate the ideal waistline , and that wrist circumference × 4 = waistline. If the wrist circumference is 15 cm 60 cm is ideal waist .


Second, the rapid thin waist movement

If the measurement after your waist really need to lose weight , then you need to hurry to try the following quick thin waist movement , the specific exercise program is as follows :

1 standing, hands on his hips , do wriggled exercise , can improve the side abdominal muscles , so that the slim waistline .

(2) sit on the bed , his hands pillow behind, two Tuiqu Xi . Meanwhile Xianxiang right legs , try to hit the bed, not back away from the bed . Change direction to do it again .

3 sit on the bench , feet with something fixed , his hands placed on the waist , lean back , and sat up , and then sit back again , repeat 5-8 times.

4 supine in bed, alternating turns ups and leg raise exercise, can help to exercise the epigastric and abdominal muscles around the waist , narrow waist , which beautify the appearance of the lower abdomen , the waist slim . Pregnancy MiracleCheat Your Way ThinLean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded

5 sit on the bed , his arms straight and placed both sides of head , first scroll left 1 to 1.5 meters , and then rolling right. Repeated 3 to 4 times .

6 sit on the bed , his arms held flat side , two slightly raised after Tuiqu Xi , both feet turn left , try to let the knee touch the ground. Change direction to do it again .

Tips: After completion of the above the waist exercise , preferably a warm bath , then massage the waist , the effect will be better.

In fact , many times to lose weight but also a test of one's patience and perseverance , even fast thin waist movement , but it is also a period of time you need to adhere to , therefore , in order to have a sexy waistline , we must insist on doing thin waist sports , oh.
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