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Fast Food Chains Still Going For It

Posted by C.L. R.

There was an article up today in the NPR Kitchen regarding fast food. Even with all the warnings, advisories, etc. it seems that people are still eating fast food. They are not taking the health warnings seriously.

I was stunned to read descriptions of this thing that Hardee's offered in November called the ThickBurger. This monster had 1417 calories and ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?! 107 grams of fat. Truly, truly unbelievable. According to the article, that's more than 150% of fat content we should be consuming per day - and this is simply one item.

Keep the word out people. Don't let your friends eat this type of crap. Don't buy into the fun ads and the late night munchies, etc. etc. This industry is weakening us one heart attack at a time.

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