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Fast Dieting For Weight Loss Success? The Real Truth Revealed

Posted Jul 22 2010 5:28pm

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There was a media report over the last week about a so-called ‘controversial’ study that said fast dieting was better for your overall weight loss success than doing it the old slow and steady method.

And, as you can imagine, I’ve got my 2 cents on the report.

So take a deep breath and check out what I think.

* The so-called fast results were 1.5kg a week weight loss which isn’t exactly earth shattering. Fast weight loss is like what you see on those garbage TV shows where people lose 10-15 kgs a week.

* The study was done by a dietician. If you’ve read any of my on here you’ll know that I don’t have much time for dieticians and nutritionists who rely too much on old information without looking at methods that don’t fit in with their square box thinking. My thinking is definitely different to the usual sheep so don’t expect me to praise any of their so-called ground breaking findings.

Follow My Methods For That Flat Stomach Look

Follow My Methods For That Flat Stomach Look

* The report didn’t mention whether the subjects in each group were of the same weight range when they started. People who are bigger are obviously going to lose more weight than someone who only needs to shed a few kgs in comparison – and they’re going to find it easier than that person with only a few to lose really has to focus on their healthy eating plan more-so rather than just making a few changes to start progressing.

* These backward thinking people are only talking about weight loss success rather than measurements. The sooner people get this through their skulls that you should be focusing on the measurements and how your clothes fit the better position we’ll all be in.

Too many people who train get depressed when they jump on the scales each week, or even worse each day, only to find that they haven’t budged. What they’ve failed to do is measure their waist and how their clothes fit. This is the real indicator.

So, as I always say, the real thing that people should be focusing on is smart dieting – whether that’s fast or slow results as by product is up to the individual. People are going to experience results at a different rate.

Focus On What This Says Not The Scales

Focus On What This Says Not The Scales

So long as you’re following a plan that encourages you to eat healthy, are really monitoring your cheat meals and joining in workouts like my Sydney Boot Camp sessions that promote smart training philosophies then you are going to get results.

And that’s all there is to it.

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