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Fancy Nails: Incoco Nail Strips

Posted Aug 06 2012 12:00am

Remember last week when I wrote about the side benefit of Biotin being that my nails are actually growing? I’d used Sally Hansen Nail Effects for the first time and really liked the way they turned out. They ended up lasting well over a week, and could’ve gone longer, but I wanted to change up the color thanks to my newest find.

I really loved the ease of use of Sally Hansen strips, but I do find their selection sorely lacking for someone of my age group. To me, their patterns and colors are geared for a younger crowd.

So, I did a search and found out about InCoco Nail Strips . They got great reviews on YouTube as well as MakeupAlley, and their prices were competitive. Their sets are about $7.99 for 16 strips. Luckily, I can use 1 strip on 2 nails, which means I can get two manicures per set. Not a bad deal! I really love their selection of colors and styles, and find them much more sophisticated than the Sally Hansen strips.

I ended up ordering quite a few sets to save on shipping, and couldn’t wait for them to arrive. They got here much quicker than I expected, and I was excited to spend some time on Friday playing with them. Before I show you how they turned out, let me show you what I got.


The set on the left is a navy blue, the one on the right is more of a lemon yellow. I bought them to wear during Homecoming Week, when we get spirited and wear the school colors (blue & gold).

Now let’s get to the set and the mani I chose.


All sets come with a sample (this one had two french manicure sample strips), a file, polish remover, and the actual strips.  Not pictured: the nail stick used to push back the cuticles.

One thing I found out (the hard way) about nail strips is that once you open the package, they dry out, making reusing them impossible. But the genius packaging of the Incoco strips takes into account that you may want to use the leftovers for another mani. These strips come with a piece of adhesive foil to seal up any unused strips.


And now onto the finished product.  Since most of my choices were geared more for fall and winter, I was glad that I’d made one choice that worked for late summer.  Who doesn’t love polka dots?
20120806-231254.jpg The accent nail on my ring finger is polish, and unlike last week’s terrible mani, the polish hasn’t chipped. A good base and top coat make a difference!  (I may give polish more of chance now that I can see that the color can last longer than a day).  These Incoco strips really have staying power.  My nails look as good today (3 days later!) as they did the day I did them.

Three of my friends have seen my nails and asked me where I got them done.  They were shocked when I told the I’d used the strips.  It’s fun getting compliments on my natural nails.

I’d highly recommend giving the Incoco nails a try.  They’re easy to apply and make you look like a nail expert.  I “liked” to hear about specials and limited edition strips.  Fans also post their own photos of manicures, which can give you a great idea of the results.

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