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Family Loses Over 100 Pounds in 6 Months Eating REAL Food

Posted Dec 21 2010 8:39pm

Gary's Story

Family loses over 100 pounds together.

How? Eating REAL food.

Garygrew up in a big Italian family in New Jersey. Everything that happened in the family centered around food.

Both of his parents were excellent cooks and his dad "had a guy for everything" - the sausage guy, the bagel guy, the pastry guy. Pasta was served four nights a week and there were always special homemade sauces and gravies.

Extended family gathered together on weekends where food took center stage. Course after course was served throughout the main meal.

Often eight courses were served including the big Italian appetizer buffet, pasta, salad, a round of fruit, beef roast, chicken, steak, cakes and pastries.

The women in the family didn't work outside the home and they took a lot of pride in preparing delicious food, an expression of love for their families.

It is easy to understand how family patterns like this might cause weight to begin to creep up little by little until it becomes an issue of health.


There were diets, some more successful than others, but none offering a permanent solution. Gary and his wife took up running as a form of exercise and he played basketball a few days a week but they didn't see much weight loss.

About 6 months ago Gary's wife attended my nutrition class. She was interested in coming to the class to learn about nutrition after hearing results that some friends had experienced. There was also some concern for their young daughter who was having frequent stomach aches.

Gary and his wife decided to try the eating plan together as a family. This meant making many changes and learning new skills in planning, acquiring and cooking food.

Their meals centered around whole foods as they said good-bye to processed foods, bread, cereal, crackers, chips and sweets.

Class participants were encouraged to check for hidden food sensitivities,especially when chronic conditions are present, like their daughter's frequent stomach aches.

The two food groups that they tested were gluten (the protein in wheat, barley, rye and other grains) and dairy. By removing these foods and eating quality animal protein, vegetables, fruits, nuts, some whole grains and healthy fats like olive oil and coconut oil they saw results quickly.

The whole family saw dramatic changes.

The weight came off, their energy increased, food cravings diminished, and digestive troubles cleared.

Weighing in weekly was one way that they kept each other accountable. The weight loss for Gary had already started even before he started on this plan. His jumpstart came from a spiritual exercise that lasted 30 days and involved eating only fruits, vegetables and legumes. Although he lost nearly 30 pounds during that time, it was a very difficult diet to maintain for that period of time.

Switching to a whole food diet that encouraged eating animal protein three meals a day was a welcome change after what he had just been through!

Within three weeks it was apparent that several family members were sensitive to gluten.

Their son's chronic rash disappeared while eliminating gluten.

"We had seen such a big difference that we embraced this way of eating. This feels so good. When we tried to do it just half way the wheels on the bus fell off."

Gary and his family are learning that they don't need to define things with food, and they say, "That's a big change. We try to cast a vision (for the kids) that we are eating this way because we want to be healthy."

They cook more often now and Gary enjoys sharing in the cooking. Although they don't eat wheat pasta he has found that quinoa pasta can "scratch that itch" for something that will hold one of his special 8-hour sauces well!

They have stopped eating boxed cereal and bagels for breakfast and now have eggs and sautéed vegetables several mornings a week.

For variety they might have unsweetened, whole milk yogurt with fruit and nuts or steel cut oats.

Trying new recipes and incorporating whole foods into meals allows for Gary's creativity in the kitchen to shine.

Quinoa with chicken, avocado, spinach and tomatoes with a nice sour cream and white wine sauce for dinner, for example.

During this interview their two oldest children came in for a snack, grabbed a piece of fruit and a handful of almonds and went back to their homework, satisfied.

The bread is gone, as are the chips and snacks. They have learned that as long as the processed food and baked goods stay out of the house they won't eat them.

It has been about six months on this journey. Garyhas lost an amazing 80 pounds and his wife has lost about 20.

They enjoy walking down this path together, weighing in weekly, trying new foods and recipes and giving each other encouragement to keep moving forward.

Garysays that he wants to continue to lose additional extra weight in the coming year.


Will they keep it up? "I've done all the diets in the past and I couldn't keep it up. We've learned to live like this. This is a livable, enjoyable lifestyle. I even lost weight on a cruise!"

In just six months amazing changes have happened for this family in terms of health improvements and weight loss. They e

enjoy eating this way and feel very satisfied.

2011 is just around the corner, why not make this the year that you ditch the processed and refined food and eat REAL food?

Amazing health and weight loss is a great fringe benefit!

Please visit for more success stories.

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