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Fake Your Stomach Muscles!

Posted by C.L. R.

Did anyone else see the movie 300? I saw it several times, because of the action of course, but also because I was mesmerized with the bodies on those warriors. Devastated, of course, when my friend informed me they were CGI enhanced.

Well, we all can't walk around with a CGI enhancement, but here's what you can do if you want to look a little trimmer than you've been looking - tan contouring!

Yes, the stars have done it with make up as well as spray tan. If you want your stomach muscles to look more defined, darken in the area you want to appear defined using a tanner. Don't go overboard - how embarrassing if you get busted. But just a little tip if you need to look like you lost a little...

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there is a work out called the 300 work out thats why they were so ripped that the work out i do look it up its the hardest work out ever
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