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Facing Adversity is the Fate of Every Woman Who Seeks Permanent Weight Loss

Posted Mar 31 2012 7:51am

Coping with setbacks is such an integral part of any weight-loss regimen you undertake. This is where using psychology to lose weight comes into play.

How well do you cope with setbacks? Can you persist when faced with adversity? What have you learned when it comes to picking up the pieces and going on? What can you do in the moment? Do you hang on to your goals despite it all?

All right, here comes the setback. What’s your weight-loss psychology? Will you fold? Will you give in to being tempted? Will you quit because you have just too much on your plate (figuratively speaking), and there’s no room for losing some weight right now?

When a setback occurs, will you be ready for it? Using psychology to lose weight means, knowing that setbacks are part of the process of losing unwanted weight, you prepare yourself for these setbacks. How? Well, you can develop the belief that you can pick yourself up from a setback.

So instead of making excuses or thinking negatively or letting yourself feel overwhelmed, you can prepare yourself to cope and get over it. Planning for how to continue your dieting and exercise after a loss of motivation where you gave up on your exercise and dieting is an example of effective coping with a setback. Then finding a way to implement your plan turns the setback into an opportunity to build up belief in yourself. You can meet the challenge because you have what it takes. Building belief in yourself by overcoming setbacks is the sine qua non of weight loss.


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