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Facebook vs. Google Plus vs. Twitter - oh my!

Posted Feb 01 2013 6:48pm

Being the social media loon that I am, one of my goals for this year is to better utilize Google Plus. I'm solid on Facebook - moreso than ever - and lord knows I love me some Twitter and Instagram, right? So what's all the rage on the Googleplex? Who's using G+ and how?

The answer, I'm finding, is: No one. And everyone.

Here's my issue. There is nothing for me to gain from Google Plus that I'm not already finding on Facebook or elsewhere. There's no exclusivity. There's nothing new. I guess there are search optimization benefits but I'm not a business. I'm not that consumed in growing my audience for this blog and even if I was, I'm not sure G+ is the place t do it. I realize with its circles and such, it's integration with all of Google's other sites like YouTube, it's offers a lot of customization and niche opportunities, but I've really got that down with Facebook. I like that on Facebook I can make myself really invisible and by creating a variety of lists - which I do - I get an adequate amount of customization.

Almost daily, I get emails that XXX has added me to their circle. Who are these people? Why are they adding me? How are they finding me? That's not ok. 

All I see on G+ are articles people post. It's very sterile. It lacks personality. That may work for some, but not for me. 

Frankly, I could go more private on Twitter than I can on G+.  At least Twitter offers you a private feed option. But Twitter is a great source now for public information. Facebook has the privacy I desire. I see no need for G+ in my life.

But look, here's the disclaimer -- I could be COMPLETELY wrong. In fact, I know some of my peers will read this and think so. I am owning it -- I could be so wrong about Google+. I could be using it wrong and failing to see a great point. Who knows...

So I'll keep paying attention and trying to use it. I really will. To be clear, I am QUITE obsessed with Google as a brand so no one wants to love Google Plus more than I do. I promise.


P.S. (I totally love the new Facebook graph search.)

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