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Fab February

Posted Mar 04 2013 9:24am
Well what a month its been. February can be a  bit of an in between month can't it? The good thing is, is that it is quite short, so it is  a great time for setting some quick goals, and now we are on to March which always makes me think that Spring is here- let's hope we'll see some more sun!

It can be hard to keep on with the momentum you have in January, everyone is full of good intentions, but I think it easy easy to lose that momentum come February, and I think I suffered with this a bit. However I've worked hard and I'm now firmly back on tack, and I feel better than ever!

That's another good thing about February: if it doesn't go quite to plan, well at least it is soon over!

Unfortunately my food wobble at the beginning of the month took its toll, and I am leaving February with a gain of 0.8 of a pound. That's ok though, as I now I am now going in the right direction, and March will be all about that elusive 5 stone mark!

At the beginning of the month I blogged about my thoughts about the Whole30 , which I loved, but I then struggled with getting the balance right , and after being quite strict with myself, I then went too far the other way. I learnt a lot from the experience, and now I feel like I am well and truly back on track , and I feel so good about it! 

Obviously February marks two exciting days on the calender: Valentines Day and Pancake Day . It felt good to be a little bit less strict on these days, and just genuinely enjoy my food, despite not making the best choices, I think it is worth it. 

This month I have been a bit CrossFit mad! I started an eight week Crossfit Fundamentals course, and I am loving it, I'm finding it challenging from a fitness perspective, as well as from a technique point of view, it is like learning a new skill! For those of you needing a catch up, here's the first week post , where I also talk about what exactly CrossFit is, Week 2 and 3 , and Week 4 .  As much as I love CrossFit, I want to try and making running a more of a regular part of my week, all I ask for is once a week, hopefully the lighter evenings will make this goal easier.

Sweet potatoes and I have been having a bit of a love affair with sweet potatoes- it is getting serious! I am however going to cut down on the maple syrup and bacon, I don't think they are foods that should be consumed multiple times a week!

As well as being obsessed with them in pancake form, I made a sweet potato and almond milk smoothie . Has anyone given it a go yet?

Additionally on the blog this month were two products to reviews, Lindt chocolates   and Alibi Pretox drink , both of which I really enjoyed, go read the reviews if you are interested!

Here were my goals for February:

Work harder to regulate my sleep pattern and skincare regime.

I wouldn't say I am 100% there yet: I still feel lazy a lot of the times and only use face wipes, and I am trying to get to bed a bit earlier, but it is still not as early as I would like yet: it is a work in progress and I shall carry on working on it this month.

Get a hair cut and attempt to dye my roots myself.

Luckily I managed to nab a Facebook offer and got a cut and blow dry for £15, which ties into my saving money goal. I did dye my hair myself, but it is a few shades lighter than I would like, so I need to dye it again soon.

Make the effort to go for walks and explore our local area.  

We walked along the coast in Moelfre when we had gorgeous weather, I would love a few more trips out walking this month, especially since hopefully the weather will be getting better. We also took the walk into town one Saturday morning to buy some coffee and visit my Nain- it is something we should do more often!

Carry on with saving money- choose a budget for Manchester and stick to it.

I went slightly over budget by £30 when we were in Manchester, but I'm sure it could of been worse if there wasn't a budget in place! I was hoping to save a bit more money than I did this month, but pay day ended up being a few days later than I expected, so I had to fit an extra food shop in, plus I had to get a new tyre on the car. This month is service, MOT and tax time, so I'm just crossing my fingers that it comes in under budget!

Last month I headed to Manchester , this month I'm heading to Leeds. I've managed to get some pretty cheap train tickets by booking them far enough in advance, so I need to budget my time there too, after doing a bit of shopping in Manchester, I shouldn't really need anything in Leeds!

Get into a routine with the foam roller- I'm sure my legs will thank me! (I'll write a post on this soon too.)

Fail! I've not been foam rolling, and I haven't written a post!

Carry on with working hard at the gym and eating well, which will in return result in weight loss.

I've already talked about how I struggled at the beginning of the month, but like I said, it's all go now! I don't usually like to set weight loss goals, but I am so close to that 5 stone mark, it really must be made a priority this month!

This week there has been quite a lot going on behind the scenes, which is why this post is late. There might be some pretty exciting changes for me coming up, but unfortunately nothing is set in stone, so I won't share just yet, as I don't want to jinx myself. However it does mean that March may turn into a very exciting month indeed...!

Have you got any goals set for March?

What are you looking forward to most this month? Of course hoping that my potential exciting news actually pans out: very exciting and very scary - sorry that I'm being so vague! I'm also looking forward to my trip to Leeds, I get to see the girls I lived with in Uni! :)
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