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Eye for an eye...and some!

Posted Mar 26 2009 3:52pm
Today was such a weird afternoon at work. It was one of those "rosy" days where I just looked like an idiot;) All i have to say is why me??

It started off where I had bought some tickets for a coworkers daughter for cheo. They were 1 for $5 or 5 for $20.

Well, I had a 20 dollar bill..and thought..what the hell...Im broke anyways so may as well just give the 20, for a good cause and give myself a chance at the same time to win this trip right.

So i was joking with "the cook" at work.."See...I just gave some money..and knowing my luck I wont win anything...cause i never do...but whatever".
And Of course in the meantime I couldnt help but take advantage in teasing him a little cause we always do that to each other(all in good fun of course) how what a cheap you know what he is for just spending 5 f'in once I did telling you..NO JOKE...

I was eating a nice salad for lunch..nothing exciting...but my teeth started killing me!! like killing me!!! The pain!! It was bad friends.
I was like whinnning...MIIIIIIIIIIIKE!! He was like ...what is your problem??? Man... my teeth are killing me I told him! There I was in the background making all these weird faces dealing with the pain, while we continued on in one of our normal everyday crazy conversations that we have, usually to help us get through our regular work day.

See.. I forgot to mention to you guys, that in the past month I have gone to fix not 1 but 4 cavities!! LOL See what happens when you go on a mass pig out on chocolate when you havent had it in a Went from NO 5 cavities. Really sucks I tell ya!!All the needles I have had to godda!

But Anyways...about the teeth..I had gone last fix 1..then she just happened to find another little one.. you think I was kidding...not kidding...and so she wanted to fix both before my next appointment to fix another last one...but for some teeth have been so sensitive since. I hope nothings wrong.

According to my great father(italian), who happened to hear about this..he thinks since she knows I am fully covered and started going regularly, the dentist now sees my mouth and me as a gold mine ...hehe whatever dad!(so typical how most italians think, my dad thinks he is so smart...anytime one of his teeth would give him a hard time, he would just make an appointment and have it pulled)thats it thats all...well ok maybe not so smart..but anything to save money and less he is left with maybe 2. HAHA got to love him though.

Anyways..sorry back to the I ended up just turning my head to the side while i Was eating so the food was forced on to the better side /part of my mouth..and it was working.

Mike says..Rosy you look like an I didnt care though..hey I could eat that was the main thing.

But then what happens, as soon as mike leaves the room for a second...while still trying to slowly eat my salad..(italian salad dressing) on it...and know when you are eating salad and a piece just kind of flicks up?..or at least the dresssing and hits you in the face or on your clothes?..well lucky me....mine happens to skip my glasses (which usually protect me from this sort of thing) and hits me RIGHT IN THE FRIGGIN EYE!!!

Can you believe that? Man i jumped up..eye burning like hell..over at the sink running water in it..laughing but yelling at the same time cause it was just burning me for a minute..Mike comes walking in..what the hell are you doing now??


Then he just turns around and says...ah... you'll live..I'll be right back. HUH??? and just walks out of the kitchen,,,?? Can you believe that? Friggin men eh??I COULD HAVE KILLED HIM! Leaving me there like that to fend for myself, bent over..blinded...hehe

afterwards I/we laughed about it, but I also found a piece of one of the seasonings from the dressing later in my actual eye when looking at it in the mirror that I had to pop out..not funny. So most of the afternoon my eye was a little blurry but i survived.

See just my luck..I do something nice like donating my last $20 dollars in my wallet for a good cause...and I'm the one who gets salad dressing right smack in the eye! go figure!

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