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Expert Diet Advice: You’re the Expert!

Posted Oct 08 2009 10:01pm

by Maria' s Last Diet

When it comes to you in relation to dieting, you really know best. Experts with training and experience can guide you, offer you sound advice, but the person who has the most experience with you and dieting is―you guessed it―you! You can draw on your own history and self-knowledge to achieve diet success.

Can you answer these 20 questions and be your own diet expert?

  1. Is your weight an important problem for you?
    If you are able to recognize that being overweight has serious consequences for you, you will be more motivated to lose.
  2. Is the way you eat an important problem for you?
    Are you embarrassed by your eating? Are you uncomfortable because of the way you eat. Admitting it gives you power for success.
  3. What will be the benefits to you when you change your eating and your weight?
    Anticipating the positive changes successful dieting will bring to your life is inspirational.
  4. Can you visualize yourself at your goal weight?
    Visualizing your goal makes success attainable.
  5. Did you ever diet successfully?
    Remembering a time when you were able to do it gives strength and hope to a new effort.
  6. What did you do to make it happen?
    It’s important to know what strengths you brought to bear on a successful diet so you can use them again.
  7. What are your worst habits in relation to eating?
    This is key. Just becoming aware of those bad eating habits is half the battle.
  8. When do you usually blow a diet?
    Think hard about this. It will guide you to do something different at those crucial times.
  9. Who can you rely on for weight-loss support?
    You know who are your diet supporters and who are your diet detractors. Keep it in mind.
  10. Do you ask for weight-loss help enough?
    With our hectic lives, we tend to get overwhelmed. Especially when dieting, it’s important to ask for help when things get too much for you, so you don’t turn to food to get through.
  11. Do you have good ways of dealing with stress?
    Stress is a major cause of eating too much for women. Plan out ways to cope with the stresses of your life before you start your diet.
  12. How did your weight problem get started?
    You may not know exactly, but thinking about causes for your weight problem will help you to not be so hard on yourself.
  13. Do you know where to get updated weight-loss information?
    Staying current with weight-loss studies and information is a strengthening factor in dieting. You can use any new ideas you find that seem helpful.
  14. Do you know how people accomplish personal change?
    Read up on personal change strategies. Change involves certain ways of thinking that will help free you from the problem of overeating and being overweight.
  15. Are you able to express anger?
    Women often eat rather than express anger. It’s a way of stuffing down the feeling to avoid confronting someone or a situation. Try to find ways of dealing with your anger that are comfortable for you other than using food to push it down.
  16. How do you endure emotional distress?
    Any emotional distress can interfere with your dieting effort. If you have a lot of trouble coping with your feelings, you can always get professional help.
  17. Do you know how to create a solid action plan?
    Mapping out a plan for successful dieting beforehand adds to your know how. You can anticipate rough spots and have good strategies in place.
  18. How do you deal with social pressure?
    Are you influenced by others who may not deal so well with eating? Are you afraid to hurt someone’s feelings by not eating what’s offered? Considering these things gives you a better chance to hold on to what you want even in the fact of these social pressures.
  19. Can you relax?
    Some women automatically reach for food to help them wind down. If you tend to do this, you’ll need to find other ways of relaxing.
  20. What will happen to your self-esteem if you lose weight?
    Can you imagine how you’d feel about yourself if you lost all the weight you wanted to lose?

Having good answers to these questions provides you with a wonderful self-assessment profile. This is a solid jumping off point and it sends you into dieting armed with knowledge, confidence, and expertise. It will give you the information you need throughout the dieting process, and it will help insure the success you’re after.

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