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Experience of using slimming pills recommended by doctors

Posted by Swati S.

My husband has been advised to take a slimming medicine for weight loss. He is also doing his walking, about 4 times a week. I was just wondering – has anybody else taken slimming medicine for weight-loss that has been prescribed by the doctor? What has been the experience like and does it help with keeping the weight off? I would love to hear responses of others on this.

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I don't understand why the doctor would prescribe slimming medicine instead of recommending more strenuous exercise or weight training. Walking alone isn't going to burn enough calories. Is there a physical reason why your husband can't lift weights at the gym? If he builds muscle mass then that will increase the metabolism and no slimming pills would be necessary.
I'm a doc who also does not think diet pills are a very good idea for people in the "lose a little" category. The allure of "just take a pill" to fix the problem is pretty strong ... but if you don't adopt a different approach to what you eat and hopefully also find new activities that you enjoy, then the weight will not stay off. So I agree with Stephanie, don't expect a magic solution in a pill, work on the fundamentals. The one place I think pills can be of some benefit is as an adjunct for people who are trying hard, and have a huge weight loss goal. If they are going to be used at all, they definitely have to be only a part of a larger effort to change diet and exercise levels.
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