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Exercising to Burn Calories Doesn’t Cut It

Posted Nov 30 2013 9:26am

by Maria's Last Diet

Are you one of those women who is beguiled by exercise, a regular gung-ho exercise nut with all the latest equipment, gym membership, and at least one good friend to walk with? Nevertheless, do you do as little exercising as you can? If this is an accurate snapshot of you, is this any way to lose weight? You don’t even do the very thing you advocate as the way to lose weight. Well, for your information, don’t worry about not exercising. The weight loss research shows that losing weight through exercise just doesn’t cut it. 

It doesn’t matter if you confess and freely admit you aren’t exercising. You can use not exercising as your defensive excuse all you want: “I would be losing my excess weight if only I would exercise.” “If only” echoes through many a failed weight loss effort. The excuses for not exercising are legion. There’s not enough time. No energy after the tough day. “I just didn’t have it in me today.” “At least I thought about it today.” On and on. Excuse after excuse. No exercising is the excuse of excuses for not losing weight. The “I didn’t exercise” gambit so easily deflects the fact that you aren’t doing anything consistent and effective about the calories-in side of the equation.  

No need to fret about it. Exercise won’t help you lose weight, not if you continue to pack on the calories the way you have been. Exercise at best, if you keep eating the way you have been, is fewer calories-out than the number of calories you are taking in. And those calories-out require much greater effort on your part to get rid of than the calories you took in. You can see why it is the dieting side of things you have to work on and why you can keep on making your exercise excuses all you like.


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