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Exercises needed for weight loss in a person with impaired balance issues.

Posted by Jeri

I have a poor sense of balance and  occasional double vision.  I cannot jump or stand on one foot..I walk slowly and cannot use stair without a railing..I need to exercise to lose weight and get in better physical condition but am having difficulty finding excercises I can do.  Even stomach crunches seem hard and make me feel light headed for some reason.
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YOu might seek out a physical therapist for the purpose of learning better balance. This is very important as falls are a major cause of death. What you will learn is how to maintain  your balance in difficult situations but also how to strength your muscles so that if you feel you are g oing to fall you can restore your balance again. In addition overall fitness will give you more confidence in moving. Once you have the program, then use a gym or home equipment to exercise every day. It is very important that you give top  priority to doing this because you are not going to solve your balance problem in a few weeks. It takes time. See if exercising in a pool tethered to the side ( there are devices that do this) also makes sense. By the way you may have vertigo which is why you feel light headed after lying flat doing stomach crunches. Do them on an exercise ball so you are lying on  a slant rather than flat.
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