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Exercise Self-Control When It Comes To Losing Excess Weight. That’s Not Easy.

Posted Jul 11 2012 3:42pm

Having to exert a lot of self-control is one of the big bugaboos for women who weigh too much and want to lose weight and keep it off.

It’s so terribly hard to override your regular habits when it comes to the pattern of eating you’ve been involved with for a long time. There are cues everywhere, inside and out, that signal you to go ahead and eat. Eat until you feel satisfied, these cues say. But what they and you don’t realize is that over time you’ve shifted your standard for feeling satisfied upward from where it used to be to where it is now. These days only eating too much food or eating lots of fattening foods satisfies you.

If you want to radically change things, and losing some weight certainly counts as one, big radical change, it’s going to require you to have a lot of self-control. You’re going to have to put on the brakes when it comes to feeling satisfied. No more feeling satisfied—at least not in the ways the old you could satisfy yourself. You’ll have to redefine what it means to eat and feel satisfied.

The amount of self-control all of this requires is way beyond what most women can bring to the table. There has to be a better way, an easier way. So far, though, the usual cure if you become overweight is dieting and exercise, which, by the way, are two activities that require you to exert an immense amount of self-control.


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