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Exercise Habits Good... Food part comes next.

Posted May 28 1970 12:00am
Annie says Healthy eating is 80% of losing weight! WHAT!?! Crap. I really must get re-committed to healthy eating.

Baby steps. That's what it takes! Everyone knows that crash diets work in the short-term, and all that weight will come back with a vengeance, plus some extra. That's why I decided long ago to focus on one step at a time, re-evaluate frequently, find out what works, stick with it, improve it, always striving for improvement.

Now that I joined a gym (like 3 months ago I think) I found that it was like starting all over, trying to get adjusted to a gym lifestyle. Before I was running outside (still do every Saturday), and trying to do DVD's at home. That was fine, until my 3 year old stopped taking her afternoon nap. And all mum's will back me up when I say that there is no hope in doing a work-out DVD with a non-sleeping toddler in the house... they're hanging on your neck while your doing push-ups, or jumping on your tummy like it's a trampoline while attempting sit-ups, or you might kick them in the head doing a round-house... etc. There's no point in trying. I've tried. Time and time again I've learned: Don't try, unless they're sleeping.

Anyway, so it's taken me a few months to get used to the gym. But I LOVE it.

Now that I'm so close to perfecting my gym habits, it's time to re-visit how I plan/prepare/discipline my eating habits. I've spent the last couple days visiting other blogs to see what others are doing. I'm impressed.

I have been counting calories - sort of. That was, until baking took over on Thurs/Fri. I will NOT bake any more. Sorry. Can't handle it. I always have to try some, just to make sure I'm not sharing crappy baked goods, but eating just one leads to like half a batch. Actually, I really should confess: Thursday I ate 3/4 of a cake. I baked it to share with my women's group, which was cancelled at the last minute. I couldn't help it, I ate it all myself instead. Boooooo. Then today I made some delicious zucchini bread for fundraising at the Friday arvo market at school. Ate about 4-5 pieces. Boooo....

Look, I understand clearly what happened. It was the combination of just being very hungry because of all the exercise and also the baking. I cannot bake, because I will binge. Fact. So: No more baking. Rule #1.

1. No baking.
2. Plan and prepare healthy snacks the night before -- is this too... ambitious?
3. Each beer (about 150 calories I think) must be ran off - over and above my weekly 360 minutes, I must add a 150 calorie treadmill run. I think that is about 15-20 minutes, I'll let you know when I find out.

The purpose of #3 is to deter me from drinking, and to generally just get me thinking about the choices I am making. In fact
4. Each dessert item I eat (ya know, cookie, cake, muffin, ect.), I must track those calories too, and run them off on the treadmill, over and above the weekly 360 minutes of exercise.

That should do it.

Any snack suggestions? I have been starving lately with all the body pump classes... need satisfying suggestions.
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