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Exercise, Fruits and Vegetables, Eliminating Fast Foods

Posted Apr 05 2010 10:30am 1 Comment

What's been really helpful is getting the Wellsphere reminders on a daily basis. I have to say that I have stuck to my regimen of doing everything a little healthier and a bit more consistently over the past few weeks.

I started eating more fruits and vegetables which was my first plan. I already said that I take Juice Plus+ because I wasn't eating enough of those foods (on my doctors recommendation), but I'm getting closer to eating enough where I might not need that anymore.

The next thing I was trying to do more of and this is the biggie... was exercise.  Getting the reminders actually helped me think about it more often and that translated into actually doing it. I mean, it drives me crazy to think about doing something for so long before it's time to just do it! ...which is what I did.  And now I'm starting to feel a lot better.

This site has a lot of great tools and I'm only using a few. I haven't logged my progress but it's just a matter of time and I'll start doing that too. I figure in about 3 months I'll be at my healthiest than I've been in 5 years. Yeah!

So I boiled it down to 4 things:

Eating more fruits and vegetables (taking Juice Plus+ until I get to 7 servings / day); 2. Exercising (everyday if possible, but at least 4 days a week); 3. cutting out fast foods (that includes anything out of the vending machines too!); and 4. being happy about the journey not just some weight goal.

Thanks Wellsphere!


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Writing it is the first big step to seeing exactly where you want to be.  The reminders are awesome in here and can really help to keep you on track.  Take action.

Inspiring health and fitness through getting out with your dog has been one of my main focuses in the last year.  If you have a dog you have a built in motivator and should check out Fit Dog Fit Nation... launching May 8, 2010.

If you don't have a dog send it along to someone who does and pay it forward in providing ways for people to get inspired to a healthy fit and balanced lifestyle.

Wag more!

K9 Coach

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