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Exercise and Weight Loss - Not a Happy Couple

Posted May 08 2010 3:37am

Exercise alone—says the latest research—will not make you thin. But it looks like it contributes a great deal to helping you stay thin, once you’ve gotten there. This is not to say that you shouldn’t exercise when you are trying to lose the weight. Exercise can contribute to your overall health in numerous ways, and it can also make you just plain feel better. But if you are counting on exercise to make you shed the pounds, you will probably be disappointed.

So, the problem of weight-loss success is once again relegated to the area of food. But, of course, it’s never just the food that’s involved. If you could simply pick a weight-loss diet that has less calories—and stick to it, no one would have weight issues.

For women, especially, the issues related to their eating habits are the biggest nuts to crack (no apologies for the food lingo).

For example: Why do you eat too much? What does overeating do for you? Do you really want to be thinner, or are you afraid of that? Is the weight a kind of security for you? Do you feel empty in your life and try to fill the hole with comfort food? Do any people close to you count on you being fat for their own reasons? Are you afraid of big changes? Do you have a lack of confidence in your ability to make big changes? Do you feel defeated before you start because of the memory of past failures?

When you spell things out like this, it can be much easier to see that even if you go on the best diet plan, you’re still facing very powerful obstacles—obstacles that reside within you.

Wouldn’t it make the most sense to tackle these obstacles, either before you start on a new diet plan, or at least at the same time?

If you don’t, won’t you be looking at another failed weight-loss attempt?

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