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Exercise Advice for Losing Your Unwanted Weight

Posted Nov 29 2013 2:05pm

by Maria's Last Diet

Exercise will not make you thin, not unless you do an enormous amount of it like marathon runners do. Exercise will help you stay thin, though, once you lose all your unwanted weight. Exercise is still good for you when you are trying to lose weight. Exercise can contribute to your overall health, it can motivate you, and it can also make you feel better physically and emotionally. To repeat, if you are counting on exercise to make you shed your extra pounds, you will be disappointed.

The way to lose weight is to concentrate on the calories-in side of things and not take in so many calories. Forget about exercise as being of equal importance for weight loss. It is just not the equal of reducing nunber of calories-in. If you turn your attention to the calories-in side and forget about exercising to lose weight, take a broad rather than a narrow view of calories-in. This broad view put simply, it is never just the food. Taking calories-in, as all women will tell you, is not just a narrow matter of the food you eat. The broader view of calories-in is what causes you to take in so many calories?

For example, what does overeating do for you? Is your weight a form of security for you? Do you feel empty in your life and try to fill the hole by taking calories-in? Do you really want to be thinner, or are you afraid of being a thin woman? Do any people close to you count on you being overweight for their own reasons? Are you afraid of personal changes, the kind of personal changes that will happen if you give up your current pattern of weight-gaining and weight-maintaining eating? As you can see, none of these issues have anything to do with physical exercise.

When you describe the calories-in/calories-out issue like this, you will find it much easier to see why exercise is not an effective way to reduce your weight. Exercise, for most people, is off the mark. What is driving you emotionally to pack on the calories is what you need to discover and do something about. Exercising to lose weight when you are eating to take care of yourself emotionally is a totally irrelevant step to take.


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