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Excessive Weight Gain, Weight Loss Failure: No Matter What, Keep the Door Open

Posted Mar 02 2011 5:00am

Have you slammed a door shut in your mind?

You know the door— it’s the one that brings you to successful weight loss. If you’ve closed it because of past experience, it could be something you can remedy.

Oh no, not me, you may think. She can do it, but not me. I just fail and fail, I lose some weight and then gain more weight back. It’s a lost cause in my case. Slam.

Are you a lost cause? Does that door absolutely have to stay closed tight like that? After all, people do things all the time they never thought they could do. People do things all the time they had never done before. So, why can’t you?

When a door is stuck shut, you can begin by gently trying to pry it loose—a little nudge here, a little pulling there, a little wiggling and jiggling, maybe a small kick or a little pounding for a moment.  If you keep at it, you will soon feel a bit of give. Perhaps the door opens a fraction of an inch. That may be all you need to get the courage to keep trying.

Now, a wind might come along and blow the door closed again, but now you have the experience of getting it looser, and you can do it again. And this time, you can maybe use a different tool, pull a little harder, pry it a little more.

Think of the feeling of power as the door begins to open, and little by little, open more. That’s when you can see through to what’s on the other side. That’s when you can think about walking through the door that was previously slammed shut. That’s when your mind expands and carries the day.

So then you can make your way through the door, and the world of the reducing your weight problem is there, solved, waiting for you.

And you can even get to the point where you close that door behind you, and never go back.


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