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Ex at the Gym...Ugh...

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:23pm
Up until yesterday one of the best things about my gym was that I did not know any of the other members, even better, they did not know me. What I mean is no one from my past or present social life works out at this gym! Sweet! Well that has all gone sour...

Yesterday I bumped into an ex at the gym. Luckily when I saw him I was with my trainer, Clive, so I was able to get away with just a smile and a hello but this is not going to hold up if I see him again. I guess he joined my gym! Ugh...Let me explain, I have been married for two years and out of the dating game for 4 years so the idea of ex boyfriends is kind of like a distant memory now. But if I was to pick one guy from my dating life that I would never want to see me working out, of course, THIS WOULD BE THE GUY!

Typical! I have anxiety because firstly, when I dated him I was a skinny fashionable club going girl which could not be farther from where I am now. Secondly, he is a professional footballer so his job is to be athletic and I can just feel the judgement on my workouts already and thirdly he still hangs out with a group of people I used to hang out with so I know the embarrassing info will get passed around like headline news! Ugh!

My gym was so safe and comfortable before yesterday. Now I feel like I will have to look better going to the gym, not for his benefit but to prevent the... she looked like a fat pig on the rowing machine rumours flying around. Another thing is, he is a part of my past, it was fine while it lasted but not the kind of past you wanted to be reminded of everyday during your run!

Well I was here first and I am not going to let this guy ruin one of my favorite places to be! I will just have to hold my head up, be polite and get on with what I am there for-getting healthy. Anybody else out there afraid to bump into someone at their gym?
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