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Everything is just SUPER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted Dec 08 2012 8:48pm

Bodyspace stats as of today

I introduced myself to super sets this week in my weight training and lemme tell ya.. Wow! It's making a huge difference! I have been to the gym many times and seen my husband do some super sets, but never gave them a shot or really thought about them.. til now.

I'm training on my own now and so figuring out a good workout that I can set my mind to, hammer it out without distraction, and get myself fired up for is a challenge. Don't get me wrong, I can pump myself up for a workout and kill it, but I gotta have a plan.

Plan to succeed!!!!!

I don't want to be in the gym for an hour or more with lots of time inbetween sets and trying to figure out what's next. I gotta have a plan..  written down and with me so I know what I'm doing now and exactly what exercise is next. I also want to be able to get the most of my time, so super sets seemed the way to go!

Music! I finally bought some ear buds so I can listen to my music cranked while I workout. It's a total game changer!!! ;)

I did an upper body/lower body/cardio schedule for a little over 2 weeks and while it was working, it just didn't seem to fit what I am going for. I felt like I had to be there longer to work  the muscle groups to get that burn.. I hope that makes sense. So after re-evaluating, I've decided to do a 5-Day split schedule with cardio.

My new routine looks like this
Rest Day
I've got my first week of this new routine under my belt and I am SUPER stoked about it! I can work the muscle groups listed on those days and do the routine with super sets and I leave the gym feeling pumped! ... and shakey! Love that shakey shakey!! ;) **I actually get cardio in after every weight training, but that 3rd day of training is JUST cardio and I am shooting for at least 30 min**
I have been SUPER sore this week with this new routine and also tracking all my workouts on the BodySpace site. I really like how when I go to track a new workout, it shows when I last tracked that exercise and what my exact stats were for that said exercise. It's good motivation and a nice pump for me to move up in my weights!
On top of weight training and cardio, I'm also doing the Holiday Squat-a-thon ! Holy moses! I've been changing it up; plie, sumo, with a side kick, air, jump... So as to keep it interesting! One thing for sure though, my quads are feeling the burn!!!!!!!
 Nutrition is going SUPER too! Since blogging the two posts about nutrition and reading til my eyes are about to fall out on cleaner eating, I've decided that taking it slowly is best.  I'm a picky eater to say the least so it is already hard for me to find things that I like so throwing in all these crazy new recipes with ingredients I've never heard of was just a smidge intimidating! I went to the Vitamin Cottage this week to check out what all they had to offer... I can tell you right now, I'm not paying $7 for a can of organic spaghetti sauce or $8 for a tiny loaf of Ezekiel bread. It's just not happening.. So what I guess I'm saying is I will continue to make the best choices that I can by reading the labels on food and also by trying to make at home what I can. Doing the best I can is all I can do and it's working, so I'm not worried about anything nutrition related at all.
I did buy a couple things at Vitamin Cottage while I was there..
I usually buy Unsweetened Almond Milk, but saw this Flax Milk and decided to give it a try after I compared labels to the normal Almond Milk I buy... Decided I like them both so will prolly switch back and forth.
The Greens & Whey.. not a fan. At all.
Almond Butter.. I added it to my oatmeal. Not a fan of that either. I'll stick to cinnamon and honey in my oatmeal ;)

I also have been hearing SUPER things about taking Glucosamine for joint health so I decided to order some! I got these in the mail today and am excited to start taking them and seeing some relief in my joints!!

For Joint Health
Oh! And I took measurements when I started my BodySpace account in Mid-November.. I took new measurements today.
I LOST inches in my hips, waist, calf, and thighs!!!!
I GAINED 3/4 inch in my arms! That's pretty cool ! :)
Everything is just SUPER!
I put this together this last week..
the pic of me at 180 lbs was Dec 2009 and the other 3 are more current pics.
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