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Everything I Need to Know About Friendship I Learned From... The Golden Girls?

Posted Mar 07 2013 1:00pm

The Golden Girls remains hugely popular in syndication -- it airs on four cable networks. Betty White has been all but granted Sainthood at this point as the sole surviving Golden Girl. 

And I love them. I watch the reruns often and even though I know every single episode disturbingly well, I still laugh and enjoy it. 

So I thought I would bring them to you. I was randomly inspired to write and compile this because a friend told me The Golden Girls are  coming to LOGO



1. They will be there to encourage you when you're hesitant.


2. They will be the Sonny to your Cher. Sometimes literally.


3. Your friends will never wear the same outfit as you.



4. But they will also tell you when your outfit isn't quite right.


5. Your friends will teach you about the facts of life.


6. They will sing and celebrate with you.


7. Your friendsw will  really have your back in the most embarassing of moments.


8. And they'll listen to your long, stupid stories even when they don't want to... Most of the time.


9. Your friends won't judge you when you're sleep deprived and delerious.


10. Lean on your friends when you're sick - they will bring you comfort and as a special treat, cheat a classy restraurant out of expensive champagne.



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