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Enough With The Treadmill Workouts. Not working!!

Posted by seanna M.

So many people use the treadmill every day to lose weight. Treadmill walking is good in the beginning for a few pounds to lose but if you need to lose 25 plus lbs, you must mix it up. My advice is to add a form of light resistance training and mix up the activities. Work out in a circuit. Meaning.... Don't rest so much between sets. If you mix up your workouts ,you're gonna force weight loss. Tredmills only are great for the heart but if you want to re-shape your body and look good plus firm up.. MIX IT UP. Their are so many ways to work out. Just be creaative. Seanna
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That is great advice! I completely agree, and even for the sake of motivation, mixing it up is a great tip. I had focussed on treadmill workouts for awhile. I do enjoy them because of the way I like to work out is to encorporate a lot of intervals to mix it up. I would play with the incline and speed to give myself a challenge. After awhile I longed for "lateral movement"- walking, jogging, running variations got old fast. I have started to do exercise videos and it is a great way to add some fun and variety into your workouts.

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