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Enjoy your cake every now and then to lose weight fast.

Posted Mar 30 2009 3:03pm

Well, My daughter Hailey had her 2 year old birthday party on Saturday and it went well.   We had a lot of great food for everyone and yes I followed the advice I gave you on Friday and skipped my healthy eating guidelines to enjoy some of her birthday cake. 

If you read Friday’s newsletter you know that if you have been dieting for a while or strictly following your eating plan then every now and then it is a good time to eat a little higher in calories and have a few more unhealthy foods for a day or two.

If you remember it helps reset your hormones and can actually kickstart weight loss if you have hit a plateau.  Then get back to your healthy eating guidelines and continue with your weight loss. 

I have a short video of us singing Happy Birthday to her which as you will see in the video below she doesn’t like a lot of people watching her all at once especially when they start singing to her. 

I also have a tip that has nothing to do with weight loss.  Hailey found a pen yesterday and proceeded to write all over our couch.  When I mean all over I mean both cushions completely covered in black ink. 

I was ready to call the warranty company for our couch to see if we were covered because I thought for sure it wasn’t coming out.  I decided to get on the internet and saw people have used hand sanitizer such as Purell or Germ X to remove ink from microfiber couches. 

So I gave it a try and it worked amazingly well.  I was blown away at how easy the ink came off the couch.  If I would have known that it would work that well I would have taken a before picture to show everyone.  Keep this tip handy if you ever have ink on microfiber furniture.  You will be glad you kept this tip.  :)

Well, it is Monday and now it is time to get back to my healthy eating guidelines and I am looking forward to making Grilled Bruschetta Chicken for our dinner tonight.  You can make this recipe along with 196 others by picking up your copy here. 

Healthy Recipes


I know you can do it!

Yours in health,

Jayson Hunter RD, CSCS
America’s Trusted Weight Loss Expert

Hailey’s birthday party from Jayson Hunter on Vimeo.


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Healthy Recipes

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