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Enjoy Protein All Day To Maximize Your Healthy Weight Loss

Posted Apr 08 2010 3:00am

Do you know how elevated insulin levels negatively affect an otherwise healthy weight loss diet?

High insulin levels trigger your body to store more consumed calories as fat.  Sugars and simple carbohydrates in your meals are what raise insulin levels.  Low carb diets, or even a carb rotation style of eating, can be used to burn this stored fat.

In order to control your insulin levels, you can use the strategy of consuming protein every time you eat a meal.  This works because protein releases glucagon, an antagonistic hormone to insulin.  When glucagon works against the insulin mechanism, your body burns more carbohydrates as energy instead of storing them as fat.

Understandably, eating enough protein all day every day is hard to achieve.  People often wonder what alternatives to protein in food are out there.

The answer is a high quality cold-processed protein powder, like Prograde Protein .

Cold-processed is what you should choose for the best protein whey powder.  Many protein powders are heat-processed, so the protein molecule is damaged and not as effective in your body.

There are other key ingredients in Prograde Nutrition’s protein powder to aid your healthy weight loss diet or overall healthy eating plans:

  • 5 grams of BCAAs per serving provide the most effective workout recovery and muscle rebuilding.
  • Lactase and Aminogen make it possible for your body to easily digest and absorb the protein, kicking up its effectiveness.
  • Stevia sweetens the product in an all-natural way.

If you struggle getting in enough protein to improve your healthy weight loss, consider a high quality protein powder like Prograde Protein .




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