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Ending of my first month, and now on to the second month of this 3 month challenge..

Posted Oct 02 2011 9:07am
Thought I would blog this morning a little. This weekend has been interesting. Friday night and Saturday night I have to say I was pretty exhausted! When it was time for bed, which was pretty early, I found myself sooo tired. I think the past month just really hit me this weekend. Not sure why BUT it DID. Perhaps I was running on adrenaline with this new found product for the first 4 weeks, perhaps it was all my early mornings, being up at 4:30 am and not going to be till 9p.m. (or sometimes later then that) but either way it just all seemed to catch up to me.

And everyone should remember that just a few days ago my little one turned 3 months, so he is still fairly young. And unlike most mothers when he naps during the day (if he naps) I have never really taken a little nap myself. So I am awake for all those hours. So its not like after the gym I come home and my day ends there...gosh not at all, it only STARTS there. I come back home and deal with getting the other kids all ready for school, lunches to make, getting them dressed, giving them their breakfast etc...then once they are off..things settle a little, get my morning dishes with little zacheria, feeding changing bathing whatever...and then hang out with him whether going for walks, or to malls, or just here at the house but I don't ever take a so called nap.

Then with hubby working  nights..after school I am on my OWN dealing with all (4) kids..homework, supper which some nights can be very stressful. Picture trying to make dinner, and having a baby yelling for his own bottle...and then while they are eating..dealing with the baby..leaving all the dishes in the sink for later which I will tackle once their all in it just goes on and on and on.
So this I think all hit me this weekend and I physically felt just beat!

I went outside this morning as I was up at 6am (weekends I still get up early with zacheria despite the fact I don't have the gym time to worry about) and it just hit me while having my tea. Rosy, your doing it again! Taking this challenge, and going almost too full speed, and its going to perhaps burn you out! I should really slow down now a little.

I had an amazing first month, I lost alot of weight in only 4 weeks...was on the whole pretty strict with my eating, and blasted the workouts...but....I am not in this challenge like the last one trying to hit a certain time period. But this is all I know from before. And so it sometimes is hard for me to not do the same. I am used to that pressure of being on a time limit, eating so strict and working out like a mad women.

But I am in this for life now. So I have to really remind myself about that. I have now found a product that helps me "control" my food intake now, perhaps a blessing for me which was really the big problem and one most people carry but why go nuts only to burn myself out, or what I am really worried about is to get sick of it all if pushing too hard and I never want that to happen!

So I may once again make changes for this up coming month. Instead of my 4:30 wake time in the morning. I have decided to get up at 6:30 am instead giving me that extra time or 6 am whenever Zack wakes up and deal with him, then get the kids all ready and off....and then hit the gym after 9 when they are all gone on the bus.

And when I am at the gym, to do just half an hour 5 days a week instead of 1 hour on my cardio days...but still incorporate the same weights on the weight days along with my half an hour of cardio. I may lose a little slower by doing this, but again I had an awesome first month, and I want to continue doing well until I reach my goal of 165 lbs...and from there see if I am happy and wanting to stay at that weight. I picked 165 because its attainable for me, and something that I think I can maintain long term. Anything lower, well, I think it would be too hard for my body structure and i want to look healthy..not too lean and thinned out. But having some meat still left but sexy and confident!

SO I am going to follow that regime this coming month and see how I feel and how the numbers go. I always tell the ladies who bought from me "you are better off losing at a slower rate and being HAPPY then fast and being miserable" and I think I should follow my own advice that I tell others. We all want results NOW. But truthfully either way we are NOT going to get them NOW. So why push so hard, and burn your body out or become bored or even scarier chance gaining it back because of the boredom of being so strict for a certain long time will COME...but why not be able to breath in between now and that time.

Last night we had pizza for supper. So I suppose I really went all out for my end of the month cheat..LOL what was suppose to be one day, turned into kinda two. But that's OK. I celebrated my one month end with a bang..and some really over the top calories and now its time to get  back and watch again to have a great second month.

But as much as I want to get back into shape and be healthy I really need to learn to balance better both home life and gym. I have other people who rely on me and I need to remember that and thats not only my family but also you guys (my followers). By burning myself out that will not do anybody any good especially my family.

I also bought a calorie book this weekend. I wanted one for after I am done the first 3 months to really go to calorie counting while still using the shakes.  I want to keep the shakes in there for good..whether to use them as my low cal snacks inbetween my meals so I still get all the benefits, or for after my workouts..but I really want to make sure to stay in my calorie zone for the weight I want to attain which I WILL attain that I promise this time. I give you my word that no matter what I do..that scale is going to read 165 soon enough.

Anyways Talk soon Zach is on my lap while typing and he is really trying to get his two sense in there, and now with hiccups better go..smiles

One of the 4 reasons I am doing this challenge!
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