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End of January 2010

Posted Jan 31 2010 12:00am
Today marks the end of January for me, and I am on track with my weight loss for the year, 1 kilo a week, with two good weeks and one up week I am still very much sorted for getting to goal this year. 
January loss, 3.7 kilos. 

I have decided (with some help from PT and a few friends)  I need to get over myself and his phobia I seem to have in relation to running. I am going to start with just running and seeing how far I can get, then have a small break and doing it again until I reach 30 mins of "interval" training, then next time I will add two mins or more to this time and repeat until I can run for 40 mins no stop, and then I have a friend who is keen to run with me, how exciting, I have never thought of myself as a runner and well I may never run a marathon but it would be nice to be a that level of fitness and enjoy the ac of running. 

Tomorrow morning will mark the start of my new permanent job at a new school, with new entrant children, I am looking forward to this very much, first day is a teacher only day, kids start back on tuesday wohoo new kiddies sooo much fun. 
Tomorrow is also the beginning of the new routine, we have 2 new things to add. Running/walking 3 times a week in the morning 6 am.. and nightly pushups, tri-dips and crunches, 15 x 3 sets and I will increase them by 2 reps each week till I am doing sets of 30, 3 times. I am looking forward to this new routine and that it will mean some days I am doing 30 mins in the morning and a 5 km or squash at night. 

I desperately want a wii, so I can do Yoga and do wii Fit and Jillian and Bobs program and to play games with Phil on. But I promised to pay of my debt so I will be saving up to get one.. 700 bucks is what the kit of stuff I want will cost, dammit.... 
Anyways, no more debt is my 2010 goal, so that I can get my car.. then there will be just car debt yes I know I sound a little crazy on it. 

Ohh I went to AC/DC concert last night, was very last min and I loved it. Fabulous concert and even better to be my first concert. 

 Vic xox
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