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Emotions and Eating: See How This Applies to You.

Posted Jul 16 2012 8:28am

What can you say about you and eating when it comes to the following?

When I feel down, I __________________.
When I feel anxious, I ________________.
When I feel angry, I __________________.
When I feel happy, I _________________.

Choose from the list below or answer in your own words.

eat faster.
think more about food
am hungrier.
eat more.
look for salty snacks.
gobble my food.
eat because it makes me feel better.
don’t even taste the food.
eat sweets.
eat to relax.
eat all the food I can.
distract myself by eating.
hardly eat at all.
skip meals.
feel more like eating.
give up on dieting.
don’t chew my food well.
am not as hungry.
can taste the food better.
eat healthier.
eat less.
eat slower.

Your emotions always have an impact on how, when, why, and what you eat. This puts the specter of emotional eating, a big cause for weight problems in women, just around the corner.

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