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Emotional Reasons for Gaining Too Much Weight—What To Do About Them

Posted May 02 2013 5:00am

Don’t, whatever you do to lose your unwanted weight, skip over the emotional side of weight gain.

There is definitely an emotional side to weight gain. Not only might you have emotional reactions to gaining so much weight, you also probably gained so much weight for emotional reasons as well.

It’s these emotional reasons for gaining so much weight that will block the ease with which you can reduce your weight. So it’s important to know these reasons and see what you can do about them right along with any weight-loss regimen.

Don’t be put off by the process, though. Here’s what will probably happen when it comes to identifying and doing something about the emotional reasons you gained weight.

At first you might feel uncomfortable from having to face these emotional reasons, and because of your discomfort you might think that facing them is just not helpful. But then, as you face these emotional reasons more and more, you will get to be more comfortable and better able to see what these emotional reasons are. As you think these reasons over, you will see them clearer and clearer and come to know just what you must change about yourself and how much effort it will take. Finally, you will make a plan of action, and then take action.  

The benefit of knowing and then doing something about the emotional reasons for your weight gain is to make the process of weight loss a lot easier, and of course, for you to be more successful at losing your unwanted weight.


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