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Eff You, Mercury in Retrograde

Posted Nov 05 2013 3:40pm

You've probably seen it on Twitter or heard someone mention it in anger -- so what is "Mercury in Retrograde?"

"Mercury is the planet governing communication, transportation and truth. When it is in "retrograde," its movement appears to be streaming backward in the skies, and that backward intention affects all forms of communication, whether that be via computer or person to person." [ source ]

Basically Mercury in Retrograde (MIR) is here to screw up your life. 

Keep this bookmarked. Know it. Refer to it. Embrace it. Hate it.

This morning, I woke up at 8:22am. That's a big problem because normally, I leave for work at 8:30... The alarm had not gone off. Or had I slept through it? I set that puppy for 6:30 and hit snooze a couple times but it always wakes me.... So there I was, a bat out of hell, running around my bedroom like the Tazmanian Devil. Deoderant, makeup, pony tail, clothes. In my car by 8:47.

Someone call Guiness. I'm sure that's a record.

And then in my car, the clock: 7:50am. WTF?! 

To be clear, last night before I went to bed, I made sure I set my clock to the right time zone (I'd been house-sitting for a few days so I hadn't done it yet) and set my alarm as I always do. I checked that thing like eight times because, well, I'm paranoid. And so I can only conclude that in the night, MIR took over and sent my clock into a tailspin. 

This weekend, I also came down with a Kidney infection and got a parking ticket. 

Dear universe, I give up. Just pass me the bottle of Chopin and do your worst. 

Love, AJ 




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