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Posted Jun 19 2008 12:00am
It is sooo hard for me lately to stick to the plan. WHY?

I started taking the Metformin again and with only half the dose my stomach is a MESS! Much worse than any other time I took it. UGH! I cannot take it if it is going to mess up my stomach while I am traveling... THAT would not be cute.

I have had totally almost UNCONTROLABLE urges for salt... specifically Salt and Vinegar potato chips... and then on the other hand... I have been making super healthy asian soups and eating those... so I don't know.

I probably should start seriously investigating not only the health issues I face (PCOS and all it's implications) But I think I should probably start to look into some of the possible psycological reasons too. My Dr. once said... even though your health is causing most of the problems... there is still something inside you... something that makes the "fat" DO something for you... so what does it do for me? Hmmm I have some ideas... but even though I share a lot... THIS is not something I will be blogging the details about! LOL

Anyway- I am trying MOST of the time to keep up the good work. I do know that being sick with that cough all winter really got me out of the good habits and I lost a lot of ground weight wise during that time... REmaking up ground sucks too!
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