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Eating weekends

Posted Feb 21 2009 11:38pm
I seem to keep having these eating weekends, especially Fridays. It seems to start with my treat meal at lunch and then lead from there. I definitely need to make a conscious effort to work on my Fridays. I was starting to beat myself up about it but that really does me no good. I need to really think up a plan and start sticking with it.

Last night I ended up having pizza and having a few drinks, that lead to another slice of pizza and then a slice of meatloaf. I did enjoy my evening though. I put out all my Christmas decorations and we watched Last Holiday, one of my favorite movies. Tomorrow we are getting our Christmas tree, I can't wait to have the great smell of a tree in the house. Hard to believe Christmas is just 12 days away.

Wednesday at TOPS went fine, I lost 1.2 lbs and I can live with that. I was just happy to see a lose. If I can step it up this coming week at the gym maybe I can get another lb or two off this week. I do have some eating things coming up like my company Christmas party though so not sure how it will all go. I'm going to try my best to make the party about socializing and enjoying myself not as much about the food.

Thursday hubby and I went to the gym and got in 60 mins of cardio. I've been playing with the incline on the treadmill and it really does burn the calories. Today we went too and got in an hour, I burned 500 calories. I'm thinking of getting a heart rate monitor to see how close the equipment at the gym calculates calories burned. I've heard not very good so it would be nice to know closer values.

The other night the nephew and I tried out some of the new exercises from out next workout section in my Book of Muscle that hubby and I are suppose to start come Tuesday. Well I just don't think hubby will be able to do them. I could barely do some of them. So I'm not sure what our next step is. Either changing some of the exercises for him or trying to find a new workout routine. I have Jillian's (from the biggest loser) book so I'm going to look at the exercise routine in it tonight. I hate the thought of changing to something else after doing 6 weeks of this one. I'll figure something out by Tuesday.

I was reading an article today at the gym about diet soda. I don't drink diet soda very often but I am hooked on the crystal light peach mango green tea. It was talking about the artificial sweeteners triggering something in the brain to make you want to eat more sugary things. Made me wonder about how lately I've been struggling. I have been drinking more fluid because of the green tea but now I'm wondering if it's really benefiting me. I haven't noticed that it makes me hungrier or crave sweets but maybe I will pay more attention. I'm know if nothing else my body does have to work harder to process the green tea than just plain old water. Well something to think about...

Till tomorrow...
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