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Eating Too Much Food and Gaining A Lot of Weight To Cause Guilt Feelings.

Posted Jan 14 2013 7:05am

Tara, who was definitely too many pounds overweight, often ate like there was no tomorrow. Her particular downfalls were her frequent desire to eat out and her nighttime eating. After overeating, she always felt guilty. This pattern was so set that it was as if she ate too much food in order to feel guilty. Could that be? Let’s see.

Tara was brought up to do the right thing. Boy, was she ever. Everything had to be just so: every hair on her head when she went to school, every homework assignment, her manners, her interactions with her parents and others. Her family followed a pattern of excellence in every aspect of their lives, and Tara had been taught to do the same. Feeling guilty was something that had been inculcated since Tara was a baby. When she didn’t get it right, she felt guilty. She knew no other way.

This is not to say that life wasn’t good. Life felt really good to Tara. People were impressed by Tara and the family. They saw the excellence that was there to be seen. Tara was proud of herself and her family.

Things began to go south for Tara when she was eleven. She started to eat too much food and too many fattening foods. Weight gain followed pretty quickly, and the weight stayed with her into adulthood. Yes, she dieted from time to time, and she even lost weight. But she always gained weight back, and the pattern of eating followed by guilt feelings continued. It continues to this day.

Do you think Tara eats too much in order to feel guilty?


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