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Eating Right Means Eating Foods That Raise Your Metabolism

Posted Oct 13 2010 2:12am

I have written before about the benefits of certain foods and their calorie burning properties.  I have also discussed the thermic effect of food and how it can raise your metabolism. 

Well, scientific studies have looked at certain foods consumed directly before working out and how this effects our metabolism and muscle created.

We have known for a while now that consuming whey protein before a workout increases muscle protein synthesis and that the best time to take this is 30 minutes before a workout.  This is all a part of eating right.

Recently though scientists from Michigan State University found that when a whey protein supplement was taken prior to a strength training workout that the participants metabolism was elevated for 24 hours. 

This was compared to a carbohydrate-only supplement consumed prior to the workout and they did not see the same results with this group for the entire 24 hours. 

Both groups increased their metabolic rate after the workout, but the whey protein group at the 24 hour mark was significantly higher than the carbohydrate only group.

We all know that if we can increase our 24 hour metabolic rate we burn more calories and store less calories as body fat. 

That is the big goal of working out is to increase our metabolic rate so that we can burn more calories all day long and be leaner as a result.

The reason whey protein appeared to increase the metabolic rate for a longer period of time was because it delivered certain amino acids to the muscle, which were then used for muscle protein synthesis several hours after the workout was over.

So what do you do with this information.  You first look at your current situation and see if it applies to you and can potentially benefit you. 

Are you strength training on a regular basis? 

If you answered yes do you consume anything before your workout?

If you answered no then you may be missing out on some important nutrition that may enhance your workouts and allow you to get faster results in regards to not only raising your metabolic rate, but also building lean muscle. 

Remember eating right includes eating foods that will speed up your metabolism.

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Timing protein intake increases energy expenditure 24 h after resistance training. Hackney KJ, Bruenger AJ, Lemmer JT. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2010 May;42(5):998-1003.



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