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Eating Right Depends On The Right Attitude

Posted Nov 11 2010 11:46am

I used to work closely with a select group at a local company here in the St. Louis area to help them literally transform their bodies.

I think one of the BIGGEST reasons they were so successful with eating right is because of the competitive spirit that helped them strive to reach their goals.

They had fun with it.

They pushed one another.

They kept looking over their shoulders knowing someone else just might be exercising a bit harder than they were.  Or they were eating more healthy meals. 

One of the things that’s usually missing when people attempt to shed pounds and inches is they make it such a chore.

It just doesn’t have to be that way.

If the thought of changing your exercise and eating habits makes you cringe, well, you just need to look at things differently.

Don’t look at it as something you dread.

Look at everything you GAIN.

Focus on how great your clothes are going to fit from eating right.

Focus on how great you’re going to feel when you look in the mirror.

Focus on all the looks you’re going to get when you’re in your new bathing suit.

Focus on all the energy you’re going to have because of your good nutrition.

And be sure to have some rewards in place when you reach your goals.

It goes without saying behavior that is rewarded gets repeated.

What rewards do you have in place when you reach your goals?


Yours in good health,

Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS


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