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Eating Plan to Lose Belly Fat

Posted Oct 16 2012 5:41am
Weight reduction is an important aspect of an individual's body shaping goals. It is one of the most common problems faced by children, teenagers and adults. If you have a bodyweight more than what is considered to be normal, you may have psychological problems and health issues like diabetes, heart attacks or strokes, non-alcoholic fatty liver and many other cardiovascular diseases. Many people who have too much body weight suffer from belly fat issues. You may have a bulging belly that can make you feel uncomfortable. If you want to reduce this fat, you have to follow a strict diet plan and do exercises regularly.

Belly fat is a result of sedentary lifestyle and improper food habits. People who do not engage in any physical activity or exercise and eat more than what is required start developing fat in the midsection of their bodies. If you take more calories than what you burn, the stored calories in your body will help increase the fat around your waistline. So it is essential that you follow a good meal plan in order to lose belly fat. Here we give you a brief description of how much food you should take, what to include and what to avoid in your diet chart so that you become fit and healthy in a short time span. 

Diet Plan:

Don't skip breakfast: This is a key rule of an effective eating plan. When you skip your breakfast, your body's metabolic rate slows down that increases your hunger and you tend to take heavy portion of food during your lunch. You can opt for oatmeal, eggs and avoid foods that are rich in sugar. 

Take healthy lunch: Include salad and soup in your lunch like tuna pasta salad, veggie sesame salad, spiced lentil soup, wholesome mushroom soup etc. You can also have grilled chicken breast, red peppers and vegetables slightly cooked in olive oil. 

Go for mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack: Snacking is a part of a healthy diet plan. When you are planning to get rid of your belly fat, healthy snacks is required so that you do not feel the urge to overeat and feel less hungry. You should go for snacks that has less than 200 calorie, like fruit salad in the mid-evening. A small portion of slightly cooked chicken breast with half-yellow pepper can be good for mid-morning snacks.

Go for small meal in the evening: You must take your dinner before 8 in the evening. For  dinner choose from a variety of foods like pan grilled chicken breast, cooked beans, salad etc. 

Besides the above-mentioned diet, try to stop taking alcohol, processed food, refined sugar and caffeine. Instead go for fish oil supplements that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. All this  helps burn fat and reduce weight.

You must go for a food of your choice once in a week. Indulge in a luscious meal once but try to burn the calories by doing some exercises. When you are eating good, healthy and low-fat food throughout the week, taking a high-fat meal once a week will help in speeding up your metabolic rate. 

You can follow this eating plan to lose belly fat for one month without any compromise and then take the measurement of your belly. We are sure your belly fat will start reducing and after 4-5 months and you will have a flat, perfectly-toned tummy.
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