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Eating less Group

Posted by Callie

I am desprate and needing help, does anyone post to work with others or am I in the wrong area of the group?
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I'm not quite sure what you need from your quick question. As a holistic nutritionist I don't really look at the amount of food people eat, in the beginning because amazingly if you eat the right - nutrient dense foods instead of processed garbage you don't tend to overeat.

I suggest you cut out all grains and dairy right now and focus on clean organic lean meat and vegetables with small amounts of fruit. Stick to 3 meals a day and make sure to drink at leasts 8 glasses of clean water.


In health,



ps. remember to move more. 


Hi Amanda,

Thanks for ur help, I will just stcik to 3 healthy meals for now..

Im wondering how to get a hold of a manager, I have someone that sent me a letter and not dieting either..

I wonder if I am the only one being scammed by this person, they are not here for dieting issues but said soon as they get a reply from someone wanting to help and get a percentage of money to help with a couple kids they will remove themselves from this board..

If u tell me how to get a hold of right person, I can forward this email to u and get this person off this board, before they scam to many ppl who are here to get real help..

Thanks, Callie

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