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Eating and Exercise, My Month in Review

Posted Jun 09 2009 10:01pm

This weight loss journey has been a pain in the ass. I started out in May of 2007 weighing in at around 348 lbs. That’s 2 lbs shy of 350 freaking pounds. Insane!! When I first started I figured I would drop the weight in a few months and be fine. Boy was I wrong. It’s been a little over 2 years now and I am no where near the weight I want to be. I have had many ups and downs through out this journey but I have learned a lot as well. I don’t regret the path I have taken thus far. I feel more empowered now than ever before.

Unleashing Without Weigh Ins
With that said, over the last few weeks I have started to ramp things up and kick butt. I have seriously been unleashing. The thing with me is that I haven’t weighed in for a while, a few months actually. And I don’t plan on weighing in for a little while longer. I want to weigh in once I start seeing some serious physical changes in the mirror. My face has lost fat, and my body too, but I want to see some of the fat around my weight and love handles go down before I step on the scale. The last time I posted my weight I was 302.3 lbs. So I know that by the time I weigh in again I’ll be below 300 lbs for the first time in a very long time.

Some may not like this approach, but it’s been working for me and I like sticking to things that work.

Working Out is Working
Speaking of things that work, my new workout routine has been killer! What have I been doing? Well, I have been focusing on major muscle groups first with multi-joint exercises. I have also incorporated body weight exercises and high intensity/strength work too. It has resulted in some visible fat loss, which makes me extremely happy. I workout 6 days a week, sometimes twice in one day. But I rarely workout for more than 30 minutes at a time, unless I am walking or on my recumbent bike watching tv (which I don’t count as a workout).

Eating and Feeling Satisfied
Eating wise, I have been a rock star! I have been staying at 2000 calories or less consistently and without hunger ensuing. I’ve been eating highly nutritious foods while still being able to eat things I like. I eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, chicken, the occasional red meat and tuna. I limit the amount of bread I eat as well. Overall my food consists of fruits, veggies, and chicken. I drink chocolate milk and eat some peanut butter when I feel a craving coming on.

Something I have noticed is that I have a ton less cravings now. I think it has to do with all of the fruits I am eating, that natural sugar and fiber is holding me down. The other day I went to Arby’s and had some chicken. Then last week I went to Chili’s and had their chicken as well. For desert I had some chocolate pie thing that was delicious, but not so much that I lost control of myself. The next day I just made sure that I watched what I ate closely and had no bread or junk.

Overall, I feel good with my workouts and in control with my eating. These two things in addition to staying accountable online and offline (I have been personal traing my wife, with some great results) are exactly what I need to reach my goals.

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Eating and Exercise, My Month in Review

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