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Easy Weight Loss is a Fool’s Errand. Weight Loss is Complicated and Has to be Treated as Such.

Posted Oct 11 2010 2:00am

Most women, probably you included, don’t make weight loss complicated enough.

Here’s what we mean. Have you tried to lose weight just by dieting and exercising? If so, as hard as this may have seemed to you, you took the easy way out.

If losing the weight is mostly psychological, which it is, and you know it, then why have you made the task of losing weight less than it should be? This can only be a source of frustration to you.

One of the reasons you might try to take the easy way out is that you don’t feel as good about yourself as you should.

Psychological research shows that people with high self-esteem, solid belief in their capabilities, and an emotionally positive frame of mind seek more complexity in their endeavors.  As a result, they perceive what they are trying to accomplish as mentally challenging, and they get greater satisfaction out of it.

If we are to believe this research, then you have to ask yourself where you are on the self-esteem, belief in your capability, and emotional frame of mind continua. Depending on what you find, you may have to get to work on these more personal issues so you can give the complexity of weight loss its due.



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