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Easy Way To Kick The Processed Food Habit and Up Your Fruit and Veggies

Posted Sep 06 2010 10:06am

Changing nasty eating habits is no simple task. Junk food is way too accessible and face it, we're wired for pleasure and processed crappy food usually fits the bill. Even though most of us know that we're supposed to eat whole natural foods including more fruits and veggies, we usually fall short because the odds are stacked against us as soon as we walk through the front door of the grocery store.

Well, I've got some great news.  New Mexico State University has recently proven an effective easy fix to the problem that includes duct tape. Yep $4 duct tape could be the secret to kicking the processed food habit and everlasting health and fat loss. 

Assistant professor Collin Payne simply bisected the grocery carts at one Las Cruses supermarket and asked customers to place fruits and vegetables on one side of the tape and the remaining groceries on the other side. The results were crazy! There was a 102% increase in the purchase of produce and the grocery store saw no decrease in profitability. 

This study is a classic case of social psychology . In an age where we're bombarded by the hype of processed food, pushing the value of healthier choices just isn't enough. Junk food is made too easy to consume. People need simple tools to make eating healthy easy. Think of the divided cart as a healthy eating convenience tool similar to ready to eat snack food packaging.

If you struggle with avoiding unhealthy foods when shopping, I dare you to give the tape experiment (see video below) a try and let us know how it went in the comment section. I bet you'll buy fewer Little Debbie (pun intended…) Snack cakes and more carrots and apples.

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