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Easy Hypnosis Weight Loss

Posted Nov 29 2008 11:33am 1 Comment

Discover Weight Loss Through Hypnosis

hypnosis and weight loss

For many people hypnosis conjures up the image of a man of stage making someone do something completely foolish but weight loss through hypnosis seems even sillier.

But there is solid evidence that a person can achieve quick and lasting weight loss results by using hypnosis.

But firstly let’s look at what hypnosis is?

According to Contemporary Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing hypnosis or as it is more commonly known hypnotherapy is “the therapeutic use of suggestion when a person is in an altered state of consciousness in order to effect positive changes in that person’s behavior and so treat a range of health conditions”. It has not only been used to decrease the pain a person is feeling but also for weight control.

In a publication (Warren 2003) there was a statement that “Hypnosis is a way to access the untapped power of the mind and alter brain functions. In this state of intense relaxation and concentration the mind is able to focus on positive suggestions which can be carried out at a future time. These subliminal messages are surprisingly powerful.”

Then at the 54th Annual Conference in November 2003 of the Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, Dr David Spiegel (Stanford University researcher) said “that although we don’t fully understand how it works, there is significant evidence that hypnosis can be effective in helping people reach into their own unconscious resources to solve problems normally beyond their ability”.

This in fact shows that the scientific community believes that indeed it is possible for someone to achieve weight loss through hypnosis.

In the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 1996 a report regarding meta-analysis (comparing multiple studies) showed that adding hypnosis increased weight loss by an average of 97% when people were being treated. But even more important this increased the effectiveness of post treatment by over 146%. So this has shown that hypnosis can work even better if used over longer periods of time.

Whilst in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 1986 a study was carried out on 60 women and they were separated into hypnosis versus non-hypnosis groups. It was found that those women using hypnosis lost an average of 17lbs whilst those in the non-hypnosis group only lost an average 5lbs.

So as you can see weight loss through hypnosis is very effective and may be more people should look at trying it in the future.

weight loss diets

Weight Loss Hypnosis Program - Change Bad Habits Into Good Habits

Today, more and more people have begun to eat poorly and are not exercising enough; leading to out of shape bodies and overweight frames. Once ingrained in you, these bad habits become hard to break free from. How well a weight loss hypnosis programs work for you depends on your own will power and your ability to make a conscious effort to succeed, as many people have also tried out different weight loss hypnosis programs with varying degrees of success.

Tap The Subconscious Mind

An interesting fact that is well known to most people is that humans only use between ten and twelve percent of their brain power with the remaining eighty-eight to ninety percent being used by the mind - subconsciously. It is easy to figure out that in order to achieve things in life you will have to tap your subconscious a bit more. If you want to change things in life, you need to act subconsciously and this holds true even when using this type of hypnosis program.

It is believed that if you try out a weight loss hypnosis program you will get to use up all of the power of the mind - and it holds good even if you are not trying to lose weight - you can use your mind in this way to attain any kind of personal goal.

By allowing you to speak to your own subconscious mind and suggest that it stop doing and/or cancel unhelpful actions is the way a hypnosis programs work. Once you are able to suggest to your subconscious that certain actions are not desirable and should be desisted, the brain will act in a way so that your negative actions begin to fade and disappear and these are then replaced by positive actions such as remembering to eat healthy foods and doing regular exercises.

Another positive to trying weight loss hypnosis program is that you will be able to use that eighty-eight to ninety percent of your subconscious mind which otherwise would have been lying dormant and unused. Chances are very bright that you will be able to stay off overeating for good, once you see results from your hypnosis program, these will become permanent.

A good solution to being overweight is weight loss through hypnosis. You need to only ensure that you use only those weight loss hypnosis programs that have been created by legitimate and genuine hypnotherapists and especially those that have been recognized by the American Medical Association.

Easy Hypnosis Weight Loss

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