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Easter dinner done.....THANK GOODNESS..Tony Little update

Posted Apr 04 2010 7:34pm
OK so I am here. Barely. I am so overstuffed and feeling like crap that its not even funny. Now THIS is what we should really hold on to when trying to get back into clean eating. The feeling that we feel when we really OVER did it, this is a feeling that everyone should remember when the next morning comes around which might make us want to do extra well!.

Not sure about you all, but man did I eat WAY TOO MUCH!!! Roast beef, mashed potatoes, veggies..(which is ok) and cake and tea. Some little chocolates here and there throughout the day thanks to the easter bunny. And now i feel soooooo bloated and yucky that believe it or not I am actually looking FORWARD to going back to my clean eating again tommorow.

The rest of the cake and little sugar donuts which family brought sadly are all going to the garbage tommorow. I dont want any of that crap left lingering.

I don't have much time!!  I have a old friends wedding coming up at the end of may which I will be reuniting with OTHER old friends whom I havent seen in a while which should be such a that gives me a little less than 2 months to prepare for that. And after that I will have a few more months until summer officially hits really here. And then after that mid september when I go back to work.
So rather then right down goals as far as numbers..I am writing down goals as far as time wise  to help me stay on track.

So to summarize
(1) Friends wedding end of MAY
(2) Offically the first day of summer end of JUNE, (picnic times, beach etc)
(2) Back to work, and birthday mid SEPTEMBER!

These are the 3 goals I want to keep me on track for, this might help me stay focused in getting back to where I was, if I just take it one occassion to work up to at a time! Weight wise, ideally I would like to be 150 lbs. This is my GOAL as far as numbers. I dont care if I go slow to get there or long as I get there. These numbers stick out for me and are numbers that I think would put me back in a healthy weight category for myself.

Anyways, hope everyone had a great holiday. Tommorow NEW day...lets all let go of yesturday and lets have a great week!
Love ya

I also didnt want to forget to mention that I DID recieve a copy of the new 2010 informercial for the gazelle by Tony Little the one I am featured in. I am sure it is now running in the states so keep your eyes out for that as I AM in it. Canada might have to wait a bit and then it should be running here too.

I think it turned out fairly well. I hope you like it if you ever come across it one night/day whenever it runs.

There is supposedly talk about some reality show he might be using it for..not sure what that is all about..but will keep you posted if i hear anything. But that is the update for that. It is deffinetly out there playing.
Cheers friends
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