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Easier Weight Loss If You Live Up To Your Expectations

Posted May 16 2013 5:00am

As the weight-loss process unfolds, it is not only what you can do that counts, it is also what you expect will happen that counts as well.

There is, of course, that one big expectation you have for the end of the weight-loss process: weighing so many pounds less than when you started. But you probably have other outcomes in mind as well: looking good, feeling good, fitting into some of your favorite old clothes, getting rid of being labeled as fat, regaining your self-esteem.

What you expect will happen is also part and parcel of each and every weight-loss step you will take. Way before you near the endpoint, you will have expectations that influence your choice of weight-loss strategies and your choice of behaviors. For example, “if you want such and such to happen, you will do such and such.” “If I want to remain true to my diet, I will have to skip the dinner party Saturday night.” Implicit here is the expectation that you will eat off your diet if you go to the dinner party.

Focusing on your expectations can redirect your attention to the fact that you are guiding your daily weight-loss routine according to the outcomes you are aiming for. For instance, feeling satisfied with yourself may be one of your expectations. You may go into each day with the guiding expectation that despite the fact that you are dieting, you still wish to feel satisfied. At first, your expectation is to feel satisfied in having enough to eat so you don’t, as a result of the diet, feel empty. But as you go along, you find that you are feeling emptier than you like, and you believe feeling this way can’t be helped if you want to lose a sufficient amount of weight. So you modify your expectation of feeling full to feeling satisfied in ways other than through what you eat, like being more attuned to one of your children, or keeping up your disposition, or being on top of all your responsibilities.

Your expectation on each and every weight-loss step is what guides you through the weight-loss process. It pays to be aware of these expectations and the impact they are having on your weight-loss behavior.


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