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Early in the Morning

Posted Oct 12 2011 6:18pm
Early in the morning before the sun comes up, before the birds start singing, before the majority of the people I know are out of bed, I’m out there running with Jen. On Tuesdays anyway. It’s our new routine. We started, I want to say five, six weeks ago? I should say I started because she’s been doing this early morning stuff much longer than that. Other than the fact that I’m ready for bed by noon, I’ve really come to enjoy this run time more than any other running that I do. It’s with my friend and we always have lots to talk about. Did I mention I can actually spit out a few words now when I run? That’s an improvement, believe me. Where we run is nice and flat. I go faster (because she’s faster than me and I need to keep up), and it’s dark. At first, the dark freaked me out a little, but now it’s awesome. Sometimes it’s still a super starry night when we are running. Looking up is magical. This morning, there was a bright full moon to guide us.  The only tricky part sometimes is avoiding spider webs. You can’t see [...]
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