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Dynamic Bodyweight Warm Up Routine Video Demonstration

Posted Jan 06 2010 3:30pm

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Pretty much everyone who has ever trained before knows that it’s a good idea to warm up before you start a workout routine whether that be in the gym or a home exercise program.

The benefits are obvious. It warms your body up for the impending onslaught and it helps to prevent against injury – which there’s a fair chance of happening if you dive straight into a set of burpees first thing in the morning after you roll out of bed.

With all the people around now making good on New Years Resolutions I can guarantee that they are going to be plenty of people jumping all guns blazing into a new workout routine but be wary – there are no excuses for not doing a proper dynamic bodyweight warm up routine.

No Excuses Not To Do A Warm Up Before Exercise

No Excuses Not To Do A Warm Up Before Exercise

So what actually constitutes a good warm up routine?

I’m glad you asked!

The warm up should target all the areas that you’ll be training in your workout and should be much more detailed than the old “go for a run around the park” or “jump on the treadmill for 5 mins” that used to pass in the old days.

By the way – if your trainer is giving you these type of instructions before a session it’s time to move on and look elsewhere.

The video that you are about to see involves the following exercises all done for 10 repetitions each and repeating the whole circuit 3 times through.

1) Stick Ups with Calf Raises

2) T Squats

3) Rockin Hover

4) Push Ups

5) Split Squats on each leg

I’ve also got another full body dynamic bodyweight warm up video for you to check out by following the link.

Be safe with your training and do these types of warm ups before you unleash the fury of your training routine and you’ll go a long way to preventing any injuries.

Test Drive The Bodyweight Blitz Home Exercise Solution Today

Test Drive The Bodyweight Blitz Home Exercise Solution Today

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