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Dunkin' Donuts to Eliminate Trans Fat from Menu

Posted by Nirmala N.

Dunkin’ Donuts, that famous pit stop for policemen and sugar fanatics alike, is trying to improve its rep and create a brand-new image that will, hopefully, entice the health-conscious to partake of its treats: namely, eliminatiang trans fat across the board. The company, based in Massachusetts, recently formulated a plan to develop an alternative cooking oil and remove trans fat from overe 50 menu items. They hope to have this in effect by October 15 across all 5,400 U.S. restaurants. The oil they're using? A blend of palm, soybean, and cottonseed. Despite improvements, health experts caution people from packing in too many doughnuts. After all, the doughnuts are still predominantly white flour, sugar, and fat.

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I think the ban on trans fat on some states in the northeast is great. And I'll be truthful here, I didn't know just how bad the food I was eating was, with so many places not even offering nutritional facts, and I didn't even know what trans fat was and what it could do to your health. But it seems that our concern for our wellbeing is growing, thankfully. But, Nirmala also makes a good point. The calories, sugar and other fat is still there, even if the transfat is not. So think before you order two donuts instead of one.
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