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Drive-Thru Dos: What to Eat When You Can’t Resist Temptation

Posted Oct 21 2010 2:49am

This is a guest post by Joseph Gustav from a An Apple a Day

3222481317_81fbab3a62_mYou’re on a diet, you’re doing your best to eat healthy and at home, but sometimes, you just don’t have the time to cook a healthy meal or just as likely temptation has struck: you need some fast food.

Believe it or make sure to avoid soda (drink water instead), don’t super size, and get your sandwiches “dry” i.e. no mayo. No bacon either, sorry guys. Here are some healthier fast food options that won’t ruin your diet and won’t sacrifice taste — and might just satisfy your fast food craving.

KFC’s Original Recipe Sandwich without sauce: 360 calories. In general, chicken sandwiches are much healthier than red-meat hamburgers, especially if you peel the skin off. But at a place that specializes in chicken, you know the sandwich will be good, so indulge yourself at KFC — just make sure to hold the sauce.

Wendy’s Baked Potato with Sour Cream and Chives: 370 calories. Forget the fries and all their transfats, grab a baked potato instead. Wendy’s plain baked potato has only 310 calories and 0 grams of fat, but treat yourself a little bit and add a couple toppings. Sour cream and chives only adds 60 calories and 5 grams of fat, but adding cheese gets you to 470 calories and a whopping 14 grams of fat.

Taco Bell Grilled Steak Soft Tacos (2): 340 calories. Out of the big Mexican-themed fast food chains, Taco Bell has some decently healthy choices, such as their Bean Burrito (380 calories), but it’s okay to get meat too. Generally, avoid red meat, but lean steak won’t do too much damage. Go to Taco Bell for their Grilled Steak Soft Tacos and indulge. You’ll get plenty of protein too, 22 grams to be exact.

Burger King Fire-Grilled Chicken Garden Salad (with Fat-Free Honey Mustard Dressing): 280 calories. Oftentimes fast food salads can be amongst some of the worst health choices a person could make at a fast food restaurant due to high-calorie, super fatty dressings. Look for salads with fat-free dressing (like the Fire-Grilled Chicken Garden Salad at Burger King), and remember: fat-free doesn’t always have to mean taste-free. In fact, their Honey Mustard Dressing is quite tasty.

McDonald’s Egg McMuffin: 290 calories. Breakfasts can be greasy, high-calorie affairs, especially at fast food restaurants. In general, avoid sausage or bacon — they can add a couple hundred more calories and a lot more grams of fat. Egg sandwiches, like McDonald’s Egg McMuffin, are tasty, fasty, and protein-packed options when you don’t have time to make breakfast at home. And oftentimes they’re pretty darned good too.

Jack in the Box’s Chicken Fajita Pita: 330 calories. Flatbread and pita sandwiches are all the rage, and with good reason. These kinds of sandwiches are healthier options, cutting out carbs and calories. Jack in the Box has a Chicken Fajita Pita that is tasty and at just 330 calories fits well in your diet plans. Don’t feel guilty about getting this one.

Dairy Queen’s Frozen Yogurt: 190 calories. Frozen yogurt is always the way to go over real ice cream or softserve. Dairy Queen is certainly a place of temptation, but Blizzards chock-full of candy or Sundaes drenched in chocolate sauce are high in fat and empty calories. Have dessert without feeling guilty by getting frozen yogurt, and make it even healthier by adding yummy granola.

Joseph Gustav is a guest blogger for An Apple a Day and a writer on the subject of becoming a medical transcriptionist for the Guide to Health Education.

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